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Our Kennels

Spacious comfortable and bright

Our Kennels are built to high standards and specifications, our spacious  indoor dog kennels each have private sleeping quarters to ensure your pets comfort and safety at all times.

All of our kennels are well above regulation sizes offering the highest level in comfort and care, owners of larger breeds or those which are sharing are catered for by our double and king sized kennels which will be allocated and equipped according to your needs


Our Runs

Plenty of space to run and play

All ours run are covered with a roof which not only lets in light and keeps out the rain but also has a shaded area for those hot summers days

Our smallest run is approx 6sq metres and our largest is approx 16 sq metres, this is over and above the legal requirements.

lots of space makes for happy dogs!

Frequently asked questions



When you arrive we will check booking forms and confirm that you understand the terms of boarding you will need an up to date vaccination certificate with must include  kennel cough

Health Cards

Each boarder will have its own health record card updated daily while they stay with use. Which we Keep a record of each dog’s health. We also have our own veterinary surgeon who will visit use when needed.


We have Security fencing all round the Boarding Kennels.


Everyday work in a kennel begins early and goes on until it is finished. We clean first. Using disinfectant Cleaning the pens and food bowels.

Making your dog feel at home

We supply bedding for your dog or you can bring your own to make your dog feel more at home. We have heating to keep your dog comfortable.
Our policy on comfort items:
We encourage you to bring your own bedding or blankets, Toys Etc.
Items brought from home help your dog to relax quicker, because these items are familiar to them.

Beds and Toys are sometimes chewed so please don`t bring anything special that you would be upset if it was damaged.

We do supply the plastic type beds and vet bedding if you want to use them.


When the morning cleaning tidying and exercising is completed the dogs will be fed. We can supply certain foods for the dogs but if you dog is on a different brand you will be required to supply the food  They are fed twice a day in the morning and in the evening.


Pets are used to being let out first thing in the morning, so that is the first task. Each kennel has its own attached run plus a large area for the dogs to exercise. The dogs are kept separate from the other dogs. There is a safety fence all around the area.